Air Conditioning (AC) Self-Help Tips

Here in the Twin Cities area, we ask a lot of our air conditioning systems.  Long hours.  No sleep.  No pay.

So, the least we can do is give them every chance in the world to succeed. Hence, we present the following self-help tips designed to help you derive maximum comfort and minimal problems from your central AC system:

  • If your indoor temperature suddenly shoots skyward, don’t just assume there’s a problem. First, check your thermostat setting. Another family could have changed it, including a young child just having a little fun.
  • If you suddenly feel a complete lack of cool air and you can’t hear the indoor or outdoor AC fan running, once again, don’t immediately assume your system has failed. It could be a thermostat problem or a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. It’s worth a quick look before scheduling a service call you might not need.
  • Clean (or replace) your filter about every two weeks. Once this becomes a habit, you’ll know exactly how often you should check your filter by the amount of dust and other debris you see attached to it.
  • While you’re in your attic (where most filters are located inside the air handler), also check for any signs of water leakage around the unit or condensation on the unit. That could be a sign of a frozen coil or refrigerant leak – either way, that’s worth a call to McKinzie Heating & Air.
  • Keep weeds and shrubs away from your outside condensing unit.
  • During the day, keep sun-facing window treatments closed to lessen the demand on your AC system.
  • Consider installing a whole-house attic fan to use at night instead of your AC system. They become effective when the outdoor temperature is at or below the current indoor temperature. And, even though attic fans use electricity, they use far less than your AC system.
  • Speaking of fans, you’ll also do well to install one or more two-way ceiling fans. During the warm weather months, your fan will lift the cool air up that has naturally dropped to help you feel cooler at higher-than-normal temperature settings.

At the same time, never think for an instant that you’re in this alone. Not with McKinzie Heating & Air (formerly the AC Store) to assist with all your home heating and cooling needs. Take, for example, our AC system cleaning and inspection service. It’s your ultimate assurance of improved system performance, fewer repairs, lower repair costs, added safety, and a longer system lifespan.  Has it been a year or longer since service was last performed? If so, contact McKinze Heating & Air today.