How to Reduce Home Heating Costs

No one’s ever happy about overpaying – for anything! Some people, in fact, get downright irate. And yet, there’s another whole group that just excepts overpaying as a fact of life, and move on from there.

Whatever camp you’re hitched to, we’re here to say you don’t need to overpay to heat your home! In fact, it’s pretty easy to reduce your monthly heating costs, and here are just a few ways how:

  • Replace older thermostats with programmable models, especially if no one’s home during the day. That way, you can save money while the house is unoccupied and still have it nice and warm by the time the first family member returns.
  • Add one or more comfort zones to your house, especially if certain areas are largely unoccupied during the day. Each zone will have its own thermostat, thus enabling you to save even more money in rooms or areas that don’t need comfort-level heat.
  • During the day, pull back window treatments on sun-facing windows to allow the sun’s heat to help warm your house. At night, close those treatment to retain much of the extra heat you’ve gained.
  • Try getting used to lower temperature settings. Maybe all it takes is putting on a sweatshirt and slippers over your socks, but it’s at least worth a try.
  • Inspect all your doors and windows. If you can feel cold air coming inside, you’re paying too much to heat your home. Hire a professional, if necessary, to repair or replace weather stripping or caulking as needed.
  • Another “escape hatch” for indoor heat are wall sockets and switches. Again, place your hand over each one and feel for cold air. If you discover any, McKinzie Heating & air can isulate them for you to reduce your heating costs even further.
  • Then, of course, there’s your attic insulation. If yours is so old you can’t remember HOW old, then it’s probably time to beef it up or replace it to prevent heat from literally rising through the roof.

Last but not least, you owe it to yourself to have your heating system professionally cleaned and inspected once a year by the home comfort professionals at McKinzie Heating & Air. Not only will that help keep a lid on your heating costs, it also will result in fewer repairs, added safety, and a longer system lifespan.  For more information or to schedule service, contact us today!