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Our goal for the time you spend indoors each summer? For you to feel so comfortable – at work or at home – that you don’t even think about your air conditioning system. We train and work hard so you can take that kind of indoor comfort for granted.

That process begins with our AC design and installation service.  During the design process, we take everything into account, including square footage, ceiling height, the location and number of returns, duct sizing, and much more.  This is called a heat load analysis, one that enables us to install exactly the right size and type of system.

Today’s top-end AC systems can be up to 95% energy efficient.  And that’s a big help when it comes time to pay your utility bills.

Ductless Air System | Air Source Heat Pump

In addition to central air conditioning, we also install:

Ductless Air Systems.  Ductless air systems are for homes that don’t have air ducts or when it’s impractical to add them. A ductless air system can supply your whole house with heat and air conditioning, or AC only depending on your needs. The system is anchored by an outdoor condensing unit, one that connects to up to five indoor wall blowers that deliver conditioned air one location at a time. Ductless air systems are super energy efficient, feature remote control operation (one controller for each wall unit), and are so quiet you’ll barely notice they’re on.

Air-Source Heat Pumps. For the ultimate in year-round comfort and energy savings, consider replacing your central air and heating systems with one system that does it all…an air source heat pump. They have longer average life spans than separate heating and cooling systems and are easier to maintain. A system can be designed that also provides for your family’s hot water needs.

Contact McKinzie Heating & Air today to schedule a free in-home comfort analysis and new system proposal.  We’ll answer all your questions and help match your indoor comfort needs to your family’s lifestyle and budget.


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