Furnace Repair Warning Signs in Bryan and College Station

It’s mid-January, and what’s probably foremost on your mind? Spring, of course. And an end to the heating season.

Ah, if only wishing it away could make it so.

So what’s a concerned and slightly chilly homeowner to do? Well, for one thing, you want and need to pay very close attention to your furnace for the duration of winter. Because if it starts exhibiting strange behavior, you’ll want a professional to look at it right away with the goal of not allowing whatever the problem might be to get any worse. Because that would probably mean an unwelcome repair bill.

So does YOUR furnace need a professional look-see? It probably does if you observe any of the following:

Furnace Sounds Like it Needs an Exorcism

A well-maintained furnace will traditionally operate at the sound of a whisper. As in, you should barely able to hear it. But things like a loose belt, a problem with ignition system, or some other part that needs to be replaced can make enough noise to make up even the heaviest sleepers in your home.

You Have a Yellow Pilot Light

While yellow may be pleasing to your eye, it’s not a great sign for a furnace, as a properly working furnace has a steady blue flame. Worse, and while yellow indicates an improper mixing of gases that in turn could lead to a carbon monoxide leak. So that’s something you want looked at without hesitation.

Your Furnace is a Slow Starter

A slow-starting furnace, or one that has trouble staying connected is a clear warning sign of an internal repair issue or a problem with your thermostat.

Water, Water Everywhere

Watery condensation on the inside of your windows may or may not indicate a furnace repair problem, but it’s still worth letting a professional take a look.

Your Furnace is Near Antique Quality

While a lot of “old stuff”, there’s nothing valuable about a furnace that it has exceed its useful lifespan. So if yours is at least 15 years old, it’s a good idea to start thinking about replacing it before it completely shuts down and then makes that decision for you.

“Can Someone Please Pass Another Tissue”

A furnace that’s dirty and not running up to par is likely spewing unhealthy air for you and your family to breathe in, however inadvertently. So if a bunch of you all start feeling poorly at the same time and the symptoms persist, absolutely call your doctor. But call us, too.

You see, at McKinzie Heating & Air, we repairs all makes and models of home heating systems. And for your sake, we’d rather repair it than have to replace it. And the sooner you report any kind of performance issue or symptoms you’re not familiar with, the sooner a repair or cleaning might be all it needs. So contact us today and discover the high level of service we have in store for you.